[Road Tacho Series] Road Tacho Series keypad does not work.

1) For driving safety, the keypad does not work while on the road.

Keypad operation can be activated when the vehicle engine is off.


* Please operate it while the vehicle is in the ACC state.

[Road Tacho Series] The Road Tacho Series product has no power.

1) Please make sure that the product cable is connected to the back of the main body properly.

* This product will be powered ON only when the vehicle is in ACC state or when the engine is ON.

[Road Tacho Series] recorded data cannot be downloaded.

1) Please check if SD card is in the product.

2) Check if the SD card is in the LOCK state (the SD card left home button is down).

Not able to download to SD card while in LOCK state.

3) Please check if SD card is provided by PLK. Downloading may not work in other SD cards.


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