[Road Scope Series] ADAS CAM OPTIAN Method to set the vehicle type and the install position

You can find out how to set the vehicle type and the installation position of ADAS CAM OPTIAN from the link below.

[Road Scope Series] The Road Scan Pro accident videos cannot be found.

1) The event file can be stored in the internal memory even if the SD card does not operate due to an error.

2) If there is no video in the SD card, please check if the SD card LED flashes when the SD card is inserted into the product.

3) If the LED does not blink, please format the SD card or insert another SD card into the product to see if the SD card works normally.

4) After confirming that the SD card works well, press and hold the FN button on the side to download saved data.

* The SD card LED flickers rapidly while the data of the internal memory are copied to the SD card.

5) After downloading, please check the event videos through the viewer program.

[Road Scope Series] The Road Tacho Series keypad does not work.

1) The keypad does not work while on the road for safety.

Keypad operation can be activated when the engine is OFF.

* Operate it in the ACC state before starting engine.

[Road Scope Series] Where can I install the Road Scope XG?

Please contact us in advance to confirm the availability of XG stock.


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