OPTIAN7 Dash Cam


  • Simultaneous implementation of ADAS and video recording functions for accident prevention and post-management
  • Applicable to all windshield types (easy and flexible angle adjustment)
  • Overheating Protection Power System
  • Visual and haptic warnings via a separate display module and a vibratory device
  • Compatible with 3G module
  • Easy installation setup model
  • Capable of collecting and managing driving DIT information

Core Functions

  • LDW
    Lane Departure Warning
  • HMW
    Headway Monitoring Warning
  • FCW
    Forward Collision Warning
  • Front & Rear Recordings
    Dash Cam Feature
  • DIT
    Digital Image
  • FCDA
    Front Car Departure Alert
  • VB
    Virtual Bumper
  • Wi-Fi