• LDW and FCW comply with US NHTSA and European ECE regulations, and FCW can alert up to 3.0 seconds earlier which is higher than the NCAP requirement.
  • Equipped with reliable ADAS which was provided to an automaker of Germany, Karma Automotive of US and DPCA of China
  • Manufactured with materials and production processes that meet safety and durability standards of automakers (Automotive specification).
  • Selected as a subsidy-eligible lane departure warning system by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Core Functions

  • LDW
    Lane Departure Warning
  • HMW
    Headway Monitoring Warning
  • FCW
    Forward Collision Warning
  • TSR
    Traffic Sign Recognition
  • DIT
    Digital Image
    Tachometer/optional features
  • FCDA
    Front Car Departure Alert
  • VB
    Virtual Bumper
  • PCW
    Pedestrian Collision Warning