CEO’s Greetings

Humanity, which started to show prominence in the world more than 70,000 years ago, underwent the Agricultural Revolution 12,000 years ago, the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago, and now is experiencing the revolution of Artificial Intelligence. These revolutions have continued to transcend the limits of humanity. The Agricultural Revolution has empowered humans to achieve things that cannot be done alone, and the Industrial Revolution has gone beyond the boundaries of the physical abilities of humans, and now Artificial Intelligence is destructing the limits of human knowledge. It is embarrassing and frightening because things that we believed to be impossible are occurring right in front of our eyes. However, we are fortunate considering that we can teach, manipulate, and use it beneficially as the AI only transcends humans within defined data and rules. We do not know when or how the next revolution will come. However, we, who live in the early 21st century, can be the hero of this rapidly changing era if we understand and manipulate Artificial Intelligence.

We have the very dream to be the hero of the AI revolution. We are engaged in image recognition. It is believed that people receive 80% of the information by their eyes. We can teach Artificial Intelligence well as we handle these images well. Some people are jealous of how we have become to do such a right field, and some are worried about whether we can make enough profits, and some even complain that we do it all on our own. The opinions around us are diverse. However, we are progressing in one direction. We cannot show it to everyone because it is an Artificial Intelligence that is intangible. On the other hand, we are creating an awesome future wonderfully and with fun.

We like taking every breath with our clients.
We are engineers.
We want to be soccer players in the league of future rather than sitting on the Premier League bench.
We will eventually join the Premier League someday, so we are not in a hurry.
In the current league, we are just playing harder to score a winning goal in the stoppage time.